Nexans’ continuous international expansion has made it a logical step to provide a more comprehensive framework for our commitment towards common interest projects. The creation of a Nexans Foundation is a natural development of this commitment; enabling us to provide a considered approach to our international initiatives in this field by making them part of a common perspective. The Foundation provides a common framework for sustained initiatives, thus supporting Nexans’ strategy and, more specifically, our Values.

Sponsorship initiatives since 2007, only seven years after Nexans was created

Nexans had a very early wish to engage in sponsorship initiatives by bringing its expertise to bear for the benefi t of all.
This ambition has always represented a common willingness to help promote the whole Group by leveraging its skills and expertise. It therefore developed a major competence sponsorship initiative with the Palace of Versailles – a site considered as an integral part of the world’s heritage – for the renovation of its power networks. Through this initiative, the Group offered its expertise in the field of cabling and safety of buildings, while at the same time safeguarding a remarkable tourist venue which welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

In 2009, Nexans once again undertook a major sponsorship initiative by donating all the cables for the 28,000 sq.m of building premises and the 22 hectares of grounds of the new Louvre-Lens Museum in northern France.

Finally, the year 2011 marked a new momentum in Nexans’ sponsorship policy as the Group decided to support Electricians Without Borders (ESF) in providing access to energy for disadvantaged communities worldwide. Under a sponsorship agreement, it suppied this NPO (non-profit organization) with low and medium voltage power cables worth a total of 300,000 euros over three years, thus covering 50% of all ESF’s needs.

Why a Foundation?

In these uncertain times, NPOs are fragile and we need to give a new meaning to business, which has had a very rough ride over the last few years. Also, it is critical to establish a new dialogue between industry and the world in which it operates. Nexans is an integral part of society at large and must therefore contribute to the general interest. It has a social role to play, of course without acting as substitute for government actions.

In addition, a Foundation is a sustained undertaking which truly binds a company over the medium term. For Nexans, the Foundation also makes it possible to coordinate its staff’s many initiatives in the areas and countries where our Group is present, in order to gather around a common goal – access to energy for disadvantaged communities worldwide; this sponsorship is therefore about solidarity, with major implications.

Energy, at the core of the Foundation’s work

Because energy is the core of Nexans' business, it has been decided to make it the priority of the Foundation also. Today, over one billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. The United Nations declared 2012 as the “Year of Sustainable Energy for All” in order to raise the world’s awareness about energy poverty and the importance of developing access to energy; Neans has heard the UN’s appeal and therefore endeavor to respond to it with its Foundation.

“For Nexans, the Foundation makes it possible to coordinate its staff’s many initiatives in the continents and countries where the Group is present, in order to gather around a common goal.”

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