Nexans announces the creation of the ‘Nexans Foundation’

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Paris, March 25th, 2013 – Nexans, a worldwide expert in the cable industry, today announced the establishment of the ‘Nexans Foundation’, a common platform for all its corporate sponsorship activities, aimed at assisting and supporting Nexans’ active and long-term participation in solidarity initiatives across the world.

The Nexans Foundation will focus on two areas of intervention, in line with Nexans’ corporate values:

  • Supporting general interest projects of a social and humanitarian nature, by contributing to the fight against energy insecurity and poverty worldwide. The Nexans Foundation will achieve this by providing access to energy, therefore enabling disadvantaged communities to access services that are essential for their human, social and economic development;
  • Preserving the world’s cultural heritage through the development and restoration projects of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles.

“A large company such as Nexans is entirely integrated to society and must actively contribute toward the general interest over the long term; we have a role to play in that respect, without of course acting as a substitute for government action,” said Frédéric Vincent, Chairman and CEO, Nexans. “Our commitments through the Nexans Foundation further the initiatives that have been taken across the company for many years and reflect our core values. The Nexans Foundation will also aim to involve all Nexans employees in its development and activities.”



Current initiatives Nexans is involved with include:

  • Electriciens sans frontières (Electricians without borders (ESF)) – This non-government organization (NGO) contributes to making access to energy a developmental lever for the most disadvantaged communities worldwide, in partnership with Nexans which is supplying low and medium voltage power cables covering 50 per cent of ESF’s needs.
  • Palace of Versailles – Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Nexans agreed to sponsor cables that could be used to help with renovations of the site. So far Nexans has supplied about 550 km of cables, mostly low, medium and high voltage cables and safety cables.
  • Louvre-Lens Museum, Northern France – Nexans donated all the cables for the 28,000 sq.m building premises and 22 hectares of land.


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With energy at the basis of its development, Nexans, worldwide expert in the cable industry, offers an extensive range of cables and cabling solutions. The Group is a global player in the energy transmission and distribution, industry and building markets. Nexans addresses a wide series of market segments: from energy and telecom networks to energy resources (wind turbines, photovoltaic, oil and gas or mining…) to transportation (shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive and automation, railways.). Nexans is a responsible industrial company that regards sustainable development as integral to its global and operational strategy. Continuous innovation in products, solutions and services, employee development and commitment, customer orientation and the introduction of safe industrial processes with limited environmental impact are among the key initiatives that place Nexans at the core of a sustainable future. With an industrial presence in 40 countries and commercial activities worldwide, Nexans employs 25,000 people and had sales in 2012 of 7.2 billion euros. Nexans is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris, compartment A. -



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