1 / Introduction

The purpose of Nexans Foundation is to support general interest projects of a social and humanitarian nature by contributing to the fight against insecurity and poverty worldwide through access to energy, thus enabling disadvantaged communities to access services that are essential for their human, social and economic development.

Nexans' Corporate Foundation also promotes the enhancement of the world's cultural heritage through the development and restoration projects of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles.

2 / Schedule

One to two calls for projects will be launched every year. They will only pertain to projects related to the fight against energy insecurity and poverty, through electrification.

3 / Support

The Foundation will provide the selected projects with financial support only.

4 / Selection and Evaluation Committee

The Selection Committee will select projects requiring financial support below 30,000 euros, ensuring that they are in line with the strategic directions defined (see Introduction above).

It will select projects of at least 30,000 euros to be submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors.

It will meet at least twice a year.

5 / Main selection criteria

  • Each project shall target communities suffering from energy insecurity.
  • It shall be based on an assessment of needs on the field, as expressed locally.
  • The impact on the communities concerned shall be measurable.
  • Beneficiaries shall be involved in the project, in the context of a partnership.
  • The project shall have concrete goals, ultimately aimed at sustainable results and empowerment.
  • The project shall be in line with Nexans' Code of Ethics and Values. It shall respect the human rights.

6 / Eligibility of project sponsors

Calls for projects will target international NGOs and non-profit associations ("loi 1901" in France).

7 / Application filing

Please use the mandatory form by filling the on-line form (only during the call for projects period).

8 / Partnership terms and conditions

A convention shall be signed with the Foundation to establish the partnership termsand conditions, including mutual commitments, allocated budget, duration of support, and mutually agreed communication activities.

Reporting requirements, especially the frequency of meetings and the performance indicators to be used, will be defined jointly by the Foundation and its partner at the very start of the partnership, and will then be reviewed jointly during the course of the project.

Download the PDF version of the selecting charter of a projet by clicking here

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